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alexandra b

My history began right here in Central Texas. With seven younger siblings, a gaggle of goats, dogs, chickens and the occasional kitten I grew up a country girl. My favorite place to be is out on the creek, barefoot with a good book… or in the kitchen with all of us kids laughing and talking up a storm! We are *not* a quiet family! 😉

I find great satisfaction in taking a disordered, cluttered space and finding the perfect, most usable system so each piece has a place… I know, such a nerd. Is it also nerdy to play epic soundtrack music while doing chores? Cause check! I do that too!

The desire Jesus has put on my heart is to work with women and children in the developing world.

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After training at a birth clinic in the Philippines last year I am so excited to continue on in that vision by starting my own clinic! I am opening a midwifery practice here in the states to further prepare for the doors the Lord may open overseas. The opportunities to serve oceans away or here at home abound, and surprisingly, require the same discipline, humility and trust in Jesus and His plan. 😉

I prayed the sinner’s prayer when I was 6 but I am more excited by the walk (or quad-burning uphill climb!) since then and all that the Lord does. He is so faithful… whether I am quietly enjoying my front porch, His word and a cup of coffee or I am struggling through the strife of this world. When I turn my face to Jesus, He is *always* there waiting for me.

ellen t

I’m the 5th out of 10 children. Six of my siblings are adopted. Our family picture is always a good conversation starter, because people don’t expect to see different races in one family. (For those who know the song ‘Jesus Loves The Little Children’, we have Red, Black, and White. Now all we need is Yellow!:P) As of now, I am the oldest at home.Its amazing how empty the dinner table can seem even with eight people still there!

My favorite things to do include reading, volleyball, playing piano, and shopping for books. The three bookshelves in my room are evidence that I do the latter quite often. My younger sister and I were on a Homeschool Volleyball team for my last two years of high school. It was a total blast!

I have been taking piano lessons since I was six years old. Most people think I’m crazy, but the lesson time is my favorite part! I would much rather be playing with my teacher there, than practicing on my own.

I accepted Christ when I was nine. Even now, I fail so many times and have so much to learn. But God is good, and His Grace is sufficient. One of my favorite verses is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse has pulled me through things both mental and physical, especially when I attended STEP (Skills Training in Emergency Preparedness) in 2011.

rachel r

First, the basics: I’m 21, a biology major at a community college, and an office-assistant-turned-writing-tutor on campus. I live with my amazing parents and my only sibling, a charming 10-year-old brother (who is 110% boy and delights in wrestling with the cow dog and performing gravity-defying tricks on the tree swing). I cannot provide an inventory of my family without including the following: Ladybug (cow dog…outside), Buttons (Shih Tzu…inside), Leo (tabby cat…outside), Katrina (horse), Princess (horse), Shellington (fish), Flip (fish), Buddy and friends (more fish), “The Neons” (yep…fish), and “The Kratt Brothers, Chris and Martin” (also fish). Most of the critters’ names have a story…you can ask me about them sometime!

Okay, now the details: I like to think of myself as a down-home country girl with a dash of elegance! I’ve butchered deer and wild hogs, helped various animals give birth, fixed electric fences, and told a persnickety horse what-for. But I still delight in being feminine, and skirts are my uniform even though I have jeans. If you sneaked a peak into my life, you would probably discover me doing one of the following: dancing to my 50’s and 60’s Pandora station while cooking or washing the dishes, walking around outside inspecting the ground (actually, it’s probably some tiny piece of God’s creation that caught my eye), working through mounds of homework, reading something off the bookshelves I finally bought (much more accessible than stacking my adopted books everywhere), or organizing something in my room again (there’s always room for improvement).

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I also write children’s animal stories when I can find time, and had an article on gardening published in a magazine a couple of years ago. Writing is one of my most favorite things EVER! If there’s any time left over, I do lots of random things like crocheting, cookie baking, coordinating colors and patterns for fun, and jewelry-making. In my quiet times, I keep a gratitude journal and copy direct addresses to God in the Psalms (my current Bible study project).

Oh, yes…one other thing… I’ve also volunteered two weeks each August for the past two years at this awesome girls’ camp called Academy 31! 😀 It blesses me so much to work with these amazing women each year!

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