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This year, in addition to our class schedule, we are excited to offer two themed days. Both will be directed by A31 staff with assistance from outside instructors. Girls will participate in a variety of activities and instruction within the theme; some classes will be together, some will be split. Specifics for each day are subject to change.


The all inclusive classes we’ve prepared for you are listed below. Beyond that, it’s up to you! Browse the list of Electives and design your Academy31 adventure!

– New! Themed Days –

Themed Day: Cooking


  • Fundamentals of Cooking
  • Breadmaking
  • Homemade Alternatives
  • Cooking Contest

Themed Day: Outdoor Skills


  • The Art of Firebuilding
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Firearms Safety & Use
  • Emergency Auto Care
  • Butchering
  • Knot Tying

– 2015 Classes –

Banquet Production

Banquet preparation is the back story of well-executed, graciously-hosted formal occasions. It requires creativity, resourcefulness, and elegance. It also demands a wide array of practical skills.
On the final day of camp, the girls will work together to produce a formal banquet. They’ll be coached on decorating, table setup, food preparation, and public speaking, after which they can enjoy the fruit of their labors as they’re seated with their parents for dinner. It’s always bittersweet for camp to end, but if it has to end, this is a beautiful way.

Physical Fitness

It is important for the woman of God to be strong physically as well as spiritually. “She girds herself with strength, and strengthens her arms.” Exercise is essential in maintaining optimal health, and it is our desire to honor God by taking care of the bodies that He gave us so we can better serve others.
Morning workouts will be led by A31 staff. We’ll be right beside you, showing you how you can get a great workout experience, replete with sweat, realized by soreness, and resulting in stronger muscles, without the use of fancy equipment.

– 2015 Electives –

Choose Your Electives!  A sign-up will be available a few weeks before camp. Some classes will be offered multiple times.

First Aid

In our first aid classes, you will learn simple, lifesaving skills such as CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, as well as oft-needed knowledge about treating things like sprains, burns, and stings. Hands-on practice to reinforce what you have learned will give you the confidence necessary to act when your help is needed.

Learning first aid will bring out qualities like flexibility, critical thinking and decision-making, thoroughness, adaptability – all necessary for being a competent caregiver. From comforting the hurting to saving a life, Academy 31 will begin equip you with the skill sets and information so that you can be an angel of mercy to the ill and injured along your way.

Once you’ve attended the first aid class, can you take what you have learned and apply it to a real situation? The first aid scenarios classes give you the opportunity to put into practice and more effectively retain the things you have just learned. Instructors will provide scenarios all over the farm, indoors and out. You will encounter real-live “patients” with a variety real-looking injuries, and you’ll be guided in implementing the necessary care from start to finish.

Killer Workout

Every morning at camp, all the girls get to exercise at a light to moderate level - nothing too brutal. Killer Workout raises the intensity level about 500 times. If you want to be stretched to your limit, choose this class. It’s an unforgettable experience.
Just for the record, we haven’t actually killed anyone yet. In fact, we have participants come back and sign up for it again. Maybe they’re gluttons for punishment. Or maybe they actually enjoy it….. 😀 You’’ll just have to come find out for yourself.


Come learn to make a pretty bracelet using a basic bead weaving stitch called Right Angle Weave, also known as RAW. RAW is a very versatile stitch that can be done with virtually any type or shape of bead. It can be embellished with many beads to look super fancy or just a few for a simple and delicate look.
In this class we will use round pearls (or stones) to create our bracelet and then embellish it with small crystals to create a more delicate piece. This project should be finished by the end of class and you'll be able to wear your new bracelet!

DIY Gifts

Gluten-Free Cooking

Hair Design

Learn to save money, bless your family and friends, and be artistic by acquiring the skill of haircutting! You will see demonstrated a ladies’ basic trim, a ladies’ layered haircut, and a basic men’s haircut. There will be step-by-step instruction during the demonstrations, at a slow pace with plenty of time for your questions.
This class will also demonstrate how to curl your hair and create a simple up-do for special occasions. This is an opportunity for you to watch multiple types of haircuts up close, and pick the brain of an experienced cosmetologist.


This class is for people who have never knit a single stitch, as well as those who already know how to knit. If you’ve never knitted before, you will come away with the ability to cast on, do the basic knit stitch, and a project to work on.
If you’re an experienced knitter, you will be assisted to learn new skills and try new projects right at your skill level. Knitting is a fun, relaxing, productive skill that’s so portable!

Jewelry Making

Discover a craft that has existed for thousands of years with this jewelry making class! From Bible times to modern times, women have made and worn their own jewelry. In this class, you will learn to use the basic tools and materials used to make beaded jewelry.

Techniques taught and used in class will include: bead stringing, using jump rings, making wire loops with a headpin, using crimp beads and crimp covers, working with elastic stringing material, working with coated wire stringing material, and more.

In class, you will make a basic stretchy bracelet, a necklace using mixed techniques, and a pair of fishhook wire charm earrings. You will also learn how to consider the color and pattern of beads and other materials in your designs.

Marketing Your Home Business Products


Bethany will share from her heart and from personal experience about missions around the world and at home. Be inspired and encouraged as you consider God’s heart for people and your place in bearing Christ’s name to all people.


Do you want to create more captivating photographs? Then these two engaging, hands-on classes are for you! The first photography class will cover topics such as how to develop a creative eye, composition, and camera controls. You’ll also participate in lively photography challenges to practice what you’ve learned.

During the second photography class, you will go out on an actual shoot and cover topics including lighting, interacting with your subject, posing, editing. You’ll have fun opportunities to actually take turns posing, shooting, and modeling for each other.

No prerequisites are required for these classes. Just come with a camera, a notebook, and a willingness to learn! If you don’t have even a phone camera, don’t let that stop you because we will have cameras available for you to borrow for the photography classes. You can learn to take eye-catching photos on any kind of camera - even an iPhone!


Soap Making

Watercolor Painting


Hit the pause button for a couple of hours and refresh your soul through worship. Nothing fancy here, we’re just gonna sing some songs together, praise Jesus, share from our hearts, laugh and cry together, however the Holy Spirit leads us. So join us. It’ll be great.


This class is designed to give you the know-how and the confidence to tackle simple fix-it jobs, help out with building or carpentry work, and perhaps even complete construction projects of your own. Building on that introduction to carpentry, each girl will also get to select a small woodworking project to complete and take home.
Topics subject to change.

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