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This morning at breakfast, Ellen urged us to not get stuck in a box during our quiet times.  Just because we always read one chapter doesn’t mean Bible time has to be over after one chapter.  We can challenge ourselves to devour  God’s love letter to us!  We’re so grateful for Ellen speaking because it is probably one her least favorite things to do, but sometimes that makes it mean so much the more.


Our first electives of the day were photography and killer workout.  Which would you choose? 🙂  A few brave souls chose killer workout and, instead of dying, were actually inspired to invest in their health through exercise and choosing foods that are good for their bodies.



During killer workout, Christina, an outstanding professional photographer, graciously shared her expertise with the rest of us.  I appreciated how Christina remembered what it was like for her when she was just learning photography, and explained photography to us from that perspective.  It made it so understandable.


Joyful, big-hearted Christina taking our group photo




Practicing what we learned in photography class

IMG_0734  IMG_0737

Some of the practice pictures.  Academy 31 is the kitties’ favorite time of year because of all the attention they get.

Over lunch Christina opened up her heart and life to us.  She told about beginning a relationship with Jesus at an early age.  Then He taught her to really love and follow Him instead of just conforming to other Christians around her.  As she grew into a young woman, He made her faith strong by taking her through a time of doubts, and He showed her that in every struggle, there are brothers and sisters going through the same thing and they can help each other.


Next came Photography II and Worship electives.  In the worship elective Bethany lead a small group of girls in stepping back from the hustle and bustle of camp to relax and adore God together as sisters.


After the electives Christina shared again.  She revved our imaginations to picture God’s stunning love for us.  She fired us up to spend our lives passionately loving people.


Then we had a picnic dinner on the living room floor with all of our favorite snacky foods!  We wrote letters to ourselves describing how we would like to have grown 6 months from now, prayed for each other’s specific prayer requests, and made cards that said “God does exactly what He says he will do” and wrote on them from the Bible things that He said He will do.



As we are reaching the end of camp I’ll leave you with a list of words and phrases that mean “Academy 31” to us: Chocolate, Crying, Laughter, Crying and laughter at the same time 🙂 , Exhaustion, Learning, Closeness, Popcorn-prayer, Out of our comfort zone, Fun, Sore muscles, To-die-for food, Hilariousness, Deep conversations, God’s sufficient grace, Teamwork, Love, Inspiration, God’s faithfulness, Imperfect people, Beauty, Zaniness, Scripture, Hugs, Singing, More chocolate 🙂

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