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“The sun comes up
It’s a new day dawning
It’s time to sing Your praise again….”


Another beautiful day began with our normal 7am wake-up call and PT. We reminded the girls to give their all and do their best as they work out. Habits of diligent exercise not only help give you good health and energy, but the determination and endurance learned in exercising can carry over to life to make us more successful and diligent in our work and study.


Breakfast is always a happy thing. Actually, food is pretty much always a happy thing. I know I said we were almost tired of food on Day Four, but we had recovered from our feelings of extreme fullness and were ready for some yummy pancakes!

During breakfast, Mel shared some of her thoughts on prayer. She’s a very spontaneous person and doesn’t have a set time for daily prayer and Bible study. Instead, she prays constantly throughout the day and reads her Bible at random times. For her, that keeps it from becoming rote or monotonous and helps her to commune with God. She also had a great exhortation: if you tell somebody you’ll pray for them, be sure to do it. It’s best to just do it right then before you forget.




IMG_9600 IMG_9606 IMG_9611

After shower and quiet times, it was class time! The morning electives were quilting and hair design. These are popular classes, and both were offered twice during this week in order to give more girls the opportunity to enjoy them.

Mrs. Depewe is a fun and happy teacher and loves to quilt; she designed some beautiful quilted hotpads for the girls to make and also showed some examples of her larger quilting projects.


IMG_9639 IMG_9633

Mrs. Daily shared her hair skills and her gentle kindness with the girls as she demonstrated more haircuts and gave ideas and instructions for various beautiful hairstyles.

IMG_9627 IMG_9624

Lunch was taco salad with the best roasted salsa and beautifully gorgeous guacamole. (Yes, we are definitely rid of the anomaly of being tired of food.) Fallon, our photographer and a camp alumni, remarked that if she didn’t have anything else to do, it would be worth paying $500 for two weeks just for the food, not even counting the classes. 😉

The afternoon’s classes were on two very different ends of the spectrum…

Beading classes with Mrs. Daily was a quiet, calm, indoors, creative-minded affair. The girls crafted exquisite bracelets with intricate patterns and learned several different techniques. Peaceful music floated through the air and set a relaxing mood.

IMG_9708 IMG_9706

The first aid scenarios class, on the other hand, started with screams of bloody murder. The girls found Alexandra and Bullet sprawled in a heap under the bunkhouse with a knife in the stomach and intestines falling out. The girls worked together in teams to assess the situation, calm the patients and gather information, and provide emergency medical assistance until they could get professional help. There were several other scenarios that involved cardiac arrest, fingers cut off with a saw, and a broken arm…..all with lots of (fake) blood and guts. Thanks to Mel and Sunshine for these super-fun ways of learning skills so we can help people.

IMG_9719 IMG_9710 IMG_9721

Our final event of the day was the annual A31 Open House! Ladies and girls came from as far away as southeast Texas to join us for a few hours.

Noel Adams shared with us some Scriptural wisdom from obscure passages that are still every bit as important as the ones we read all the time. She spoke of the boundary stones that marked off the children of Israel’s inheritance. She read the story of Jezebel craftily seizing Naboth’s vineyard for Ahab, and the resulting deaths: Jezebel’s colorful death as punishment for her sins, and Naboth’s giving his life instead of giving up his inheritance. She exhorted us to not move the boundaries of 4 specific areas of inheritance that God has established: our salvation, our purity, the company we keep, and something else. And she reminded us that we will fail, and may have already failed miserably….but that there is redemption and forgiveness with a merciful God who calls us to repentance and restoration.

IMG_9746 IMG_9738

After the message, we enjoyed lasagna (or zu-sagna, for the gluten-free eaters), Caesar salad, homemade rolls, and chocolate chip cookies. The porch was open with tables and chairs and there was a gorgeous breeze blowing through as we ate and enjoyed each other’s company.

IMG_9772 IMG_9783

At the end of the evening, after the local girls had left for the weekend, we leaders had a chance to sit down together and just relax. It was a tiring week in many ways, but we are so thankful for the life God has given us and the way He works right in front of us and through us. It’s beautiful, and we are grateful.

“Bless the Lord, O my soul! O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before, O my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name.”

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