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Today was Outdoor Day! Our first of two themed days.  Today we…

…cried while cooking breakfast over a hot, smokey fire.  (But we smiled when we took a bite of campfire biscuits!)

fire building

glowing fire

cooking bacon

“…strengthened our arms” while squeezing milk out of Daisy.






…either had a blast or a belly ache while butchering chickens. (Don’t worry, this was an optional class!)


…grew while grappling with flat tires in auto care class.

changing tire

jumping car

…learned about being women of conviction while listening to Mr. Fuhrman’s message.


…sweated while shooting shotguns, handguns, and rifles.

shooting shotgun

shooting a handgun

…chuckled while trying to make the “knot guy” go under his legs and through his belly in knot tying class.

knot tying

…screamed while splashing each other with water to cool off after a long day.

water fight

water fight in tree

…fellowshipped while feasting on a scrumptious supper prepared by the kitchen crew.

singing around food

We ended the day sleepy (we started the day at 5:30 am!), but stocked with skills to serve our families, gracefully handle an emergency, and enjoy life to the fullest!





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