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“Choose an Identity.”

That’s what Blogger asks me when I comment on a blog. Under what name am I posting? Whom do I want to be known as?

Makes me think about life. When I make a comment to someone — whenever I open my mouth to speak — in whose name am I speaking? Am I bearing the name “Christian” in vain? Or am I speaking as His ambassador, His representative on earth? Am I seeking to be known as a Christian?

Are the streams of living water gushing forth from my spirit so that I cannot help but speak as a Christian? Or am I ashamed of my identity in Christ?

Do I even know who I am in Him? Am I aware of the magnificent implications of identifying with Christ …. with His death, His burial, His resurrection?

Choose an identity. Choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose you this minute who you will be known as.

The words and actions of your everyday life are the ink with which you write your nametag. What does it say?

Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power to save. Choose to identify yourself as Christ’s.


Rachel-M –Rachel M.

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