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What would I say to someone in Africa? A dear friend, away from home for the first time, seeking to serve, working long hours, for two long months….? My dear Sunshine whom I see and talk to almost every day….and now she’s embarking on a new adventure…

She was all packed and ready, gathering last-minute items, weighing her suitcase.

I closed my eyes and imagined what it would feel like to be there. What would I say? These are the words that came to mind….

Oh my lovely gorgeous Sunshine – Ahh! You’re going to AFRICA!!! I love you SO SO much…don’t forget about me…have fun and pray a lot and if you meet a hulk be sure he’s good enough. It’s okay to cry, just come back and laugh later, and remember, when in doubt, chocolate is always a good option, but at the end of the day…you just want to love. “To love at all is to be vulnerable…” but it’s worth it. You can never love too much and you will never regret sacrificial love you’ve given. So give all you have. For the least and last and littlest and unlikeable – as unto Him. And may His great love abound to you too…fill you up so you don’t miss home and family and Mexican food and Blue Bell (and me=P) too badly. Because He loves you even way much more than I do. And His love is so powerful, so real, so raw and vulnerable and overwhelming and freeing. So yeah…love, it’s good stuff. He loves you and you give His love to others and it comes back around when you need it most. I guess the Beatles had it right… “all ya need is love!”

Because, really, whether you’re in Africa or the US or anywhere else, it’s all the same. Love God and love your neighbor. Know His great love for you. Yes, all you need is love.


saying goodbye the morning she left for Africa


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