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When you ask someone to describe our parents in one word, you are likely to hear something like awesome, giving, kind, loving, fun, serving, welcoming, wise, indescribable, and perfection. While of course we realize they aren’t completely perfect, they do get pretty close, beautifully exemplifying God’s picture of marriage.

They faithfully obeyed God’s leading to homeschool their five children, all of whom have now graduated.

Daddy is a retired Austin fire department battalion chief of 26 years. When he is not outside maintaining the family farm, he’s a life safety officer for the Austin Independent School District, not to mention an usher for UT football games and other events, and a football referee! He is a diligent worker for his family. Dad has always encouraged us to work hard for our dreams and if he ever thinks that something is impossible for us, he never says so, but instead labors alongside us in our endeavors. Without him, so many of our ideas would have never produced fruit. He is well known for his wisdom and his unique sense of humor.

Mama sweetly works hard alongside her husband, oftentimes behind the scenes. She is super flexible and so many times gives up her own agenda to entertain unexpected guests, to listen to us kids as we learn to navigate through life, or to do whatever needs to be done. Even though Dad is known for his humor, Mama has a pretty fun streak deep down inside (actually maybe not so deep 🙂 Our community appreciates her sweet spirit and admires her many talents.

Mom and Dad definitely complement each other and it is an inspiration to watch them as they toil side by side down the road of life. It is the fulfillment of a long time dream for them to open their home and farm to the Academy 31 campers.

– Ana & Rachel L

ana l – hostess

When people ask “what do you do?” my reply is more of an essay answer than a fill in the blank. Sometimes that’s hard – it would be easier to say “I’m a nurse,” or “I’m going to college” But I have a full life to be grateful for.

I live with my family on our lovely farm. Most days you’d probably find me in the kitchen where I enjoy experimenting with healthy recipes, cooking up a family favorite, creatively using up leftovers, and catering big events. Or you might find me outside taking care of the milk cow, sheep, bees, kitty, and dog. Maybe you’d find me sprawled out on the living room floor at my laptop trying to downsize our family’s belongings on craigslist and eBay, watching an herb video, or attempting to figure out social media marketing. Sometimes you’d find me curled up on the wall-to-wall bed I share with my sister spending time with awesome friends. Even though our farm’s a pretty happening place with all the events that are held here – from board meetings to film shoots – sometimes I work other places too, such as being a personal assistant, a costume designer on a film set, or an election judge.

Some random things about me: I like deep conversations except sometimes they scare me. I like organizing. Some people wouldn’t think so, but I’m pretty competitive (think Ultimate Frisbee). I like camping. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite color but I usually end up on purple. I used to be shy but am learning not to be. I’m a former (maybe sometimes still 🙂 perfectionist.

I’m “wired” to be a supporter, helper, behind-the-scenes type of person. This year at Academy 31 I get to put that into action by being a “hostess” – taking care of all the little details like setting up classrooms, organizing logistics, and helping people find things.


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