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As usual, our day started out wonderfully (or not-so-wonderfully, depending on your perspective ūüėČ with PT as the sun rose.


After breakfast, showers, and quiet time we enjoyed Soap Making with Mrs. Exley and DIY Gifts with Heather.  The DIY gifts class looked so incredibly fun that some of the A31 staff jumped in and participated too!

Today the girls banquet decorating plans are due, so each table team is finalizing the ideas they’ve been dreaming up all weekend. ¬†Wait ’til you see all the loveliness!

This afternoon we did Home Business with Mrs. Exley.  She told us her story of selling her handmade soaps, and coached each girl in analyzing her abilities and interests.  We learned that the attitude of a business woman is an attitude of service to others.  Such an important class!  After all, of the many and glowing descriptions of the Proverbs 31 woman, some of the most frequent descriptions are of her business savvy.  We also did another DIY gift session with Heather, learning how to run fabric through the printer and sew charming pillow covers.  At the end of the day our collection of cute creations included chalkboard trays, fun spray-painted mugs, gorgeously wrapped bouquets, custom printed pillow covers, and a towel bag project to take home.


Our speaker, sweet Sabrina, passionately encouraged us to not just know about God but really¬†know¬†Him, and explained how we can know that we know Him. ¬†Two Spanish words help us understand this: saber – to know with knowledge and conocer – to know with experience. ¬†She addressed a sometimes difficult topic in a clear and friendly way. ¬†We’re grateful for how she took time afterward to talk with each girl who wanted to talk, comforting , encouraging, challenging us. ¬†Of course her adorable baby Elaina was a treasure to hold and play with.

For our evening activity we gave each girl a turn to have her name written on the chalkboard.  Around her name, we each wrote an encouraging word that we thought of when we thought of her.  Finally the precious unique girl Рlike whom there is no one else in the entire world Р got to see what we all had written.  Truly, words are powerful.   Then we watched a video that was simply scenes from nature while every name/description of God from Scripture was read by members of the body of Christ.  You would think a 10 minute video of names being read would be boring, yet this video was so moving.  Watch it here.





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