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Day Three began with jogging and super sets of body weight exercises, including body saws, arm hollers, and wide push ups.  Those work out leaders mean business – if you don’t put your heart into jogging the first time, you have to run the entire loop again!  Definitely some sore muscles today!

Next we enjoyed an all-time favorite camp breakfast of baked oatmeal while receiving encouragement and practical tips from Mama Llama about praying constantly.

Quiet time and showers follow breakfast on a typical day of Academy 31.  At Academy 31 your showers are timed and the record for the “cow bathroom” is 5 minutes.

The first classes of the day were quilting and woodworking.  It’s so neat to see everyone’s creations.



Over lunch, Janice told her story of her difficult childhood and God’s forever faithfulness, and how He helped her to forgive.



After siesta we discussed decorating ideas, learned elements and principles of design, and tried our hand at some decorations during banquet class.  The girls were assigned a table to decorate and dish to make for the upcoming parents banquet, and they are scheming up some special spreads.



Then Janice shared again, this time about lessons God is teaching her.  Her style is honest and conversational and heartfelt, making the girls feel comfortable to ask tough questions like “how do I love a difficult person?”




Of course dinner was delicious!

At the close of the day, we took our yearly trek to the cemetery to refocus on what really really really matters.  What will our “dashes” (dash: the part between the date of birth and the date of death on a tombstone) be filled with?








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