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We are blessed with a full camp of 15 precious young women who have all gathered in Central Texas for lots of fun, amazing food, deep fellowship, and most importantly, a time to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We’ll be posting daily updates, so follow along in our journey with pictures that tell the story of what God is doing at Academy 31 this year.


Morning PT with Alexandra and Bullet: “I don’t care the number of push-ups you can do today; I care if you are giving me your ALL and doing your very best today, and working to be stronger and improve the most that you can.”


Breakfast prayer talk with Mama L: “Are you growing in grace?” “Dead plants don’t grow. To see growth you first need to be made alive by the Lord Jesus Christ. Then watering [through seeking God and reading His Word] will work growth in your life.”


Woodworking with Ron Fuhrman – learning to use tools and techniques to create useful and fun projects such as a decorative canvas with a decoupaged wooden letter, or a chalkboard tile. This class is always a huge hit with everyone. There’s something that just feels really good about creating something out of wood.






Haircutting with Tamera – she demonstrated some haircuts and then each girl got to have her hair specially styled! How much fun…and so beautiful to see the end results. Each girl ended up with a different do that fit her hair and her face.


I joke that meals are the reason I come to Academy 31, but I’m only partway jesting. The food is always delicious beyond imagination. If you’ve never tasted A31 food, you’re missing out on life. We’re blessed to have our cooking staff that works hard to keep us happy.







First Aid is always so popular that it’s one of our few classes that isn’t an elective. We knew everyone would want to come to First Aid! As always, Mel and Sunshine delivered. From CPR to bandaging to stories of life as EMS medics, the girls came away with lots of information that they’ll get a chance to build on in upcoming medical electives.



Mrs. Fuhrman shared with us her testimony in a way I’ve never heard before. She started with her life as it now is, and worked backwards in time. It reminded me that God is outside of time. Maybe that’s closer to His view of how He sees our life. He sees the end result, and then fits in the beginning parts so that we work up to that. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the worries of today. My prayer is that I can see life more with the wisdom of God’s perspective.


The most important thing she left us with was this gem: God always does what He says He’s going to do.

Our camp is built on the promise that God says those who seek Him will find Him. We look forward to finding that true in the next 2 weeks. 


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