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Dear A31 Girls,

I spent a while sitting on my porch swing yesterday, watching the sunset and thinking about you. In a few days you’ll be here – maybe we’ll get to watch the sunset together, out on my deck.


one of my favorite quiet time spots

Maybe you’ll use my balcony for your quiet time. Maybe you’ll prefer to stroll down the gravel road and talk with God as you walk along cornfields under the blue Texas sky.

Maybe you’ll look up at the stars at night out on the deck as you fall asleep, and smile as you remember that the same God who showed Abraham the stars as a reminder of His faithfulness is the God who promises faithfully that today, when you seek Him, you will find Him.

It made me smile and thank God, to think about you being here to enjoy the beauty that I love seeing every day.


happy day with some of my girls!

As the sunlight faded, I headed back inside to work on a sewing alteration project. I sat and stitched blue satin and imagined my living room and dining room filled with laughter and girls’ voices. I pictured all of you beautiful girls there, enjoying each other’s company.

And I had to smile as I thought of God’s faithfulness and His hand in all of this……from the time we envisioned this camp months ago, we prayed God would bring together a group of girls of His choosing.

And He brought you.

And I’m glad.


at a leader meeting months ago. planning for you. praying for you.

Late that night, after we’d all finished our work (or as much of it as was going to be finished), Rachel and Ana L came over to join Bethany and me for a practice run-through of the Killer Workout we’ve planned for an elective class next week. By midnight we were finished, and we all discovered we were still alive (at least mostly).

But I admit, I’ve had my fears about this class. I’ve been informed by the other leaders that I have no choice in the matter, because all of us leaders will be participating with all of you who have signed up for it (don’t worry; unlike me, YOU get a choice!!).


last summer after a workout with Sunshine. she inspires me.

To tell you the truth, that kind of scares me. Because I know I don’t have the beastly muscles that…ahem, *some* of the leaders have….nor the endurance and strength. And because I just really, honestly, don’t want to fail in front of you.

I got to musing on that thought. I realized that I want so badly to have something to give you – to show you strength, to show you wisdom, to show you Christ. But I’m weak. I’m not Spiritual Superwoman any more than I am Miss Beastly Workout Woman.

Being around me for two whole weeks, you will probably see me fail. You’ll most likely see me fall flat on my face more than once – whether it’s in a test of physical strength like the Killer Workout that I am soooo very excited about, or in a test of character at a time when I’m exhausted and things didn’t go like I planned and I don’t know how to fix it and we’re out of chocolate.

But I’m praying you see Christ working in me in spite of my shortcomings in being Christ-like. I hope you’ll give me grace. I hope I’ll give you grace. I hope we will encourage one another each day to love God more. To get up after we’ve fallen flat, to ask forgiveness and receive mercy. To press on to seek Him more faithfully.


time seeking Him. so precious and so beautiful.

That’s why we’re having camp – not because we have something awesome to give you, but because Christ does. Because we know that as you seek Him, you will find Him. And our goal isn’t for you to have amazing superleaders; we want you to know Christ.

You ready? Let’s do this camp!

Bullet-small-bioLove in Jesus,

Rachel M

A31 Leadership


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