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Have you ever had something or known something that you were so excited about that you felt you would burst at the seams if you didn’t share it?

studyingAcademy 31 is about sharing something pretty special. We want to share our desire to know God more fully.  We serve an awesome God and it is our vision to provide a time and place for young ladies to intently focus on seeking the Lord with all their hearts so that their lives would be filled with the blessings that come from a purposeful, intentional, and deliberate relationship with Jesus Christ.

purposeful, intentional, deliberate relationship

Those on the Academy 31 Leadership team are people just like you.  We too need a “shot in the arm” of encouragement to run the Christian race with perseverance. Our prayer is that Academy 31 will be that “shot in the arm”, not just for us, but particularly for you.  The leadership team hopes to serve as mentors as together we learn ways to know our Father more deeply.

We have prayed for and invited guest speakers who Mrs. Lwill share testimony of God’s work in their lives and present Scriptural teaching, as well as guest instructors who will provide Godly mentoring in a variety of practical life skills such as auto care, health and nutrition, business, communication, and photography.

friendsThere will be ample time allotted for personal Bible study and prayer,  in addition to enjoyable fellowship and some fun elective classes.  The camp is limited to only 15 girls to provide an intimate setting conducive for getting to know each other and encouraging each other.

God promises that those who diligently seek Him will find Him (Proverbs 8:17) and it our fervent prayer that Academy 31 will inspire you to seek The Lord with all your heart.  Together,  “let us press on to know the Lord”  (Hosea 6:3).

 “Let us press on to know the Lord”

Won’t you consider joining us?

-Mrs. L

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